Upgrade PrayerMail to get premium features for your whole group

Any group member can upgrade their group to allow for more members and shiny new features.

Small Group

  • 10 free members
  • 100 requests per month
  • 100 prayers per month
  • Unlimited prayers to contacts

Big Group

$9.99 Per Month, USD plus tax.
  • 25 members
  • Unlimited requests per month
  • Rapid Pray
  • All features of Small Group
Purchase Plan

Small Ministry

$19.99 Per Month, USD plus tax.
  • 500 members across multiple groups
  • Unlimited requests per month
  • Private listing
  • All features of Small Group
Purchase Plan

Big Ministry

$99.99 Per Month, USD plus tax.
  • 2 groups with 2,500 members each
  • 1,000 members across multiple other groups
  • Public listing
  • Receive requests by email
  • All features of Small Ministry
Purchase Plan

Need More?

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  • Unlimited groups with no caps
  • Custom integration to existing systems and apps
  • Request or pray by email, SMS or phone call
  • All features of Big Ministry
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sponsor a group?

You bet! We allow members to chip in on groups and sponsors to chip in on larger groups.

Will I receive a charitable donation?

At this point unfortunately not. We are not currently set up to issue donation receipts.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

Sure is. This is what we call our "Need More?" plan. Contact Us for info.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! All subscriptions are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. If you'd like a discount for purchasing yearly, please Contact Us and we'll throw in 2 free months each year.

I have other questions...?

No prob, Bob. Feel free to Contact Us and we can schedule a quick phone call to walk you through exactly how you can get setup with PrayerMail.